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Vingard: Album Präsentation “In The Long Run’

Vingard: Album Präsentation “In The Long Run’

by Dana Bondarenko

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Knaackstraße 97 (im kleinen Hof der Kulturbrauerei), 10435 Berlin

[ ENG ] Vingard – international singer-songwriter – claims the folk genre at its best with her clear and soulful voice. Vingard’s lively and powerful stage performance brought her victory at the Danish Battle of the Bands 2021. Danish radio stations have long since discovered Vingard’s releases and with a live TV broadcast she has finally conquered her place in the music scene.

[ DEU ] Vingard- internationale Singer-Songwriterin – behauptet mit ihrer klaren und gefühlvollen Stimme das Folk-Genre at its best. Lebendige und kraftvolle Bühnen- Performance brachten Vingard den Sieg beim Danish Battle of the Bands 2021. Längst haben Dänische Radio Sender Vingards Veröffentlichungen entdeckt und mit einer TV-Live-Übertragung hat sie sich ihren Platz in der Musik Szene endgültig erobert.


Vingard is an international Americana act. With her rich voice and vulnerable lyrics, she masters the genre at its best. At only 15 years of age, she wrote music for a German feature film and she has since then been touring the country. The Danish artist has been releasing music since 2017 and it has been receiving international radio airplay combined with performances on live television broadcasts.

More than 300 concerts have been played by her since she started writing songs and with her forthcoming releases, she is aiming directly toward the boundaries of Americana going from the little girl in flowery dresses to now diving into a rougher and sometimes harsh expression. With her present sound, she has found a solid place in the Americana field – recently took on the bigger stages and played a concert in Denmark for 5000 people.


Since an early age, Danish singer-songwriter Vingard has written songs drawn from her diary, in which she gives space for mistakes and expresses thoughts that often get caught in her mind. Over the years, the innocent pastime of childhood has evolved into an essential form of expression, where songwriting has become a way of life. These songs expand when meeting people in a place that allows an inner vulnerability to dissolve. Vingard places her audience at the center of her attention and creates a positive atmosphere. Deeply, she is moved by the possibility of taking their hand and directing her drive toward them. The imprint is an experience of being part of something greater, where Vingard with her honesty is taking the first step, making room for doubt, thoughts, and stories from everyone listening.


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