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Silent films & live music & special guests.

Silent films & live music & special guests.

by Dana Bondarenko

Silent films. Live music. Sasha Pushkin & special guests.
Cross over & multi genre time!
Composer, performer and concept creator Sasha Pushkin.
The art of the Russian-born, Berlin-based artist continuously moves across the boundaries of different genres and styles of music, mixing influences captured during his long carrier which involved interactions with many different artists and realities throughout Europe. Classical music from the Romantic period, free jazz and psychedelic rock, electronic, folk, ska, world music and retro are some of the currents you could recognise beneath the powerfull and multifaceted waves of Pushkin’s creations. Sasha began studying classical piano at age seven; by age eight, he had performed his first concert of original compositions. By the age of 22, he had played for audiences of ten thousand people in St. Petersburg and Kiev. Since the early nineties Pushkin has been a regular on the European circuit. He is known as an extremely flexible and open-minded musician. He has an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach that involves regular collaborations in the fields of classical and modern dance, multi-media, art and literature. He is also active as a band leader and composer for films.
Sasha Pushkin created projects and played with Tony Levin (Chapman stick & Bass of Peter Gabriel, Pink Flyod, King crimson), Pat Mastelotto (Drums of King Crimson) Markus Reuter (Touch guitar of Stick men, The Crimson project), Julie Slick (Adrian Belew Power Trio), Fun Da Mental, Bi2, Huun-Huur-Tu, Blechreiz, Django Lassi, Dr.Bajan, Apparatschik, Kriwi, Transsylvanians, Barbara Buchholz and Lydia Kavina (Theremin), Sergey letov, Nikolay Rubanov and Kurt Buschmann (Sax), Sainkho, Urna, Namgar, Angela Manukyan, Sasha Lurje and Ofrin (voice), Erci E (rap) Souleymane Toure (perc.) Ali Keyta (Balafon), Mimetic (Electronics), Yuko Kaseki (butoh) and Emi Hariyama (Ballet), Tim Motzer and Omar Torez (Guitar), Marc Miethe (didgeridoo), Yatziv Kaspi (Tabla), Aydar Gaynullin (Bajan), Dr.Motte (Dj), Zam Johnson, Alessandra Celetti, Mario Mariani, Chatschatur Kanajan, Alberto Pizzo and many others.
Sasha Pushkin

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