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by Sergei Gavrylov

PANDA Platforma
Knaackstraße 97 (im kleinen Hof der Kulturbrauerei), 10435 Berlin


Simon Rose – baritone sax

Quentin Tolimieri – organ

Luca Marini – drums


The iconic organ sound meets the baritone saxophone’s timbral richness together with a forthright percussive momentum and delicate soundings – between them, Rose, Tolimieri and Marini produce a far reaching, ever shifting sonic environment of many colours.

Simon Rose – composer/improviser, independent researcher and author from London, based in Berlin. Performing on baritone and alto saxophones in Europe and North America he has collaborated in diverse settings, from small groups to orchestras, – he also performs solo and appears on over fifty CDs. Simon also collaborates with dancers, visual artists, mixed media, built instruments, site specific performance and more. He researches and writes about creative processes.

Quentin Tolimieri is a composer, pianist and improviser. His work has been presented throughout Europe and North America and has been recorded on the Wandelweiser Records, pfMENTUM, and Creative Sources record labels. He holds an MA in composition from The University of Southampton and a BFA in composition and piano from California Institute of the Arts, studying with, among others, Michael Finnissy, Michael Pisaro, and Joe Maneri. He lives in Berlin and works as a freelance pianist.

Luca Marini studied at conservatories in Paris, Montreal, Amsterdam and New York, and continued to develop his own method and techniques while living in Berlin. Due to this diversity in his personal history, his approach to music is distinguished by this fluency and ability, to move freely between and synthesize various styles. Utilizing the standard drum kit as a foundation, Luca incorporates traditional drum techniques, percussion, various preparations and electronics to achieve a wide spectrum of textures, timbres and sounds. Marini has performed extensively in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America in a variety of musical genres.




Photo: Sergei Gavrylov


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