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Radiorgasmo (Berlin) – Record Release Concert & Party

Radiorgasmo (Berlin) – Record Release Concert & Party

by Dana Bondarenko

The Berlin-based band with Venetian roots presents their first album
“your music is a mix of psych, garage, punk, Jazz… if you can create your own genre that defines your sound then what would you name it? ― RADIORGASMO.” (


RADIORGASMO is the story of berlin adoptive venetians riding a dream of freedom and revolution.


The idea of the project comes from the strong will for a music free from boundaries and labels, which distinguishes itself from the standardized major commercial music…but in the minds of the authors it is not only about music.


This is the dream of bringing a wild and free style of making music, which can be able in turn to awake listeners’ awareness not only on a musical level, but also at a social and political one.


On a strictly musical level RADIORGASMO refers to the richness in genre and atmosphere of the band’s music, which resembles the variety that one could experience by constantly changing from a radio channel to another, in order to satisfy as many different musical desires as possible, reaching the musical orgasm.


The first single of the band “On my way” displays a smoky mixture of roots rocksteady, dubby rhythms and dreamy atmospheres, which are present also in the second single “Pilgrims”, where the groovy and danceable tunes are though substituted by a more inner and spiritual soulfulness.




Tickets on-line: 8€ [brutto]

Tickets on-site / Abendkasse: 10€

We are here:

Knaackstr. 97, 10435 Berlin
+49 (0)30 44319557 |