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PANDA platforma
Knaackstr. 97

LIVESTREAM: Katya Tasheva + Yuriy Gurzhy Unplugged + DJ Set by Yuriy Gurzhy

Fr. 22.05.2020, 21:00 – 23:30 @ PANDA platforma


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Friday‘s DJ streams with Yuriy Gurzhy became our new tradition. However, this Friday will be DIFFERENT…and very special! It‘s gonna start with a live act!

What you are about to witness, is quite a unique musical experience, a new format, made possible by the fact that at the moment only a few people are allowed to stay in the same venue….what do we have as a result? A duo of an acclaimed songwriter and one of the best female singers of Berlin, an intimate performance with no audience present….delivered to you live, wherever you happen to be on this Friday night.

Katya Tasheva comes from Varna, Bulgaria, Yuriy Gurzhy is from Kharkiv, Ukraine. They met in Berlin in 2011. Together they are much more than just a quarter of the Emigrantski Ragamuffin Kollektiv RotFront, the band they’ve been both playing with.

There’s some special connection between them, after watching these two for a couple of minutes you can’t help but start giggling and sing along. They have stories to tell, and then there are the songs… you might recognize some if you’re a RotFront fan, but you’ve certainly never heard them this way – unplugged and stripped down. But there are also some brand new ones, fresh out of the oven, and some spontaneous cover versions as well. Charming and chaotic, hilarious and sweet – don’t miss Katya and Yuriy live stream from the Panda Theatre!

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