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PANDA platforma
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Livestream: Incense of Music 49 – Dhalgren Duo

30/05/20, 21:30 @ PANDA platforma

Livestream: Incense of Music 49 – Dhalgren Duo

Chris Dahlgren: vocals, guitar, viola da gamba, composition; Evi Filippou: voice, vibraphone, drums – Fabio Dondero and Dominik Breider (Incense burning): n.a.

STREAMING from PANDA — please consider a donation to support the musicians & the local independent stage in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. See the links above.

The virus brings new challenges: no audience at the concerts, video and audio streaming instead of the live experience. But how is it working with scents and smells in the virtual world? The virus brings new challenges: we are in and will let you know.

Dhalgren in Duo– Chris Dahlgren (voice, guitar, viola da gamba, baglama) & Evi Filippou (voice, vibraphone, drums) will perform songs from their new digital release ‘Songs from a Dystopian Utopia’ in a live simulcast from PANDA Theater on 30.05.2020. Normally performing as a four or five-piece band, the duo will dig into the intimate corners and landscapes of Dhalgren’s songs which are truly cross-genre and impossible to categorize.

“On the new album, he now opens a hatch and descends from the nocturnal outside world into the black equinox of the underworld. The new songs are full of cobwebs, rat traps and ancient boxes that you better not open. And yet they are also beguilingly beautiful. Berlin has been sung about many times, but here a picture of the subterranean worlds under Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Mitte emerges that you don’t hear every day…. In this respect, ‘Songs From A Dystopian Utopia’ is ultimately more utopia than dystopia. And whoever has the courage to open the box behind all the cobwebs in the far corner of the basement will raise a treasure full of grace and hope.” – Wolf Kampmann

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