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Tal Arditi – Guitars


Israeli guitarist Tal Arditi is considered as one of the most aspiring protagonists in Berlin music-scene.

Arditi graduated in 2016 with a Jazz Diploma at the prestigious Rimon School of Music in Ramat Hasharon, near Tel Aviv. In the age of 18 he moved to Berlin.

Once in Berlin Arditi’s virtuoso talent as a guitarist was soon recognized. He was invited to play at the A-Trane jazz club, where he recorded his début album Portrait. Arditi composed all of the tracks on the new album Colors (BERTHOLD Records). Together with Lukas Traxel on double bass and Tobias Backhaus on drums, a rich, original sound has been created that blends jazz, rock, classical and Brazilian accents.

Tal has been highly regarded in recent press reviews:

– «A lot can be expected from this young musician», – JazzThing;

– «Being just 22 years old, Arditi possesses an astonishing musical maturity. Furthermore, he surprises listeners as inventive composer with unique acoustic colours. Altogether an exciting and ambitious record by a young and aspiring guitarist», – Gitarre & Bass Magazin;

– «On the guitar Tal Arditi takes up all the space he needs. He dashes forward out of quiet moments with effects and distortion but withdraws again as if nothing ever happened. This allows for an enormous dynamic range and complexity», – Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

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