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Human Pulse. 3rd Mayer Pavilion DIY

Human Pulse. 3rd Mayer Pavilion DIY

by Dana Bondarenko

PANDA Platforma
Knaackstraße 97 (im kleinen Hof der Kulturbrauerei), 10435 Berlin

One-day festival


3rd Mayer Pavilion DIY Festival

Saturday 28th May 2022, 12:00PM – 02:00AM

Human Pulse is a festival aimed at rediscovering human potential in a time filled with the propaganda of limitations. Breaking free from the confining reality simulation through concerts, active discourse, art exhibition and performances is our way to reconnect people with their intuition and infinite inner intelligence.

In this time where wars are decided by the powerful and the essence of humanity is reduced to QR codes and AI dreams of immortality, the rising knowledge of our true nature is crucial.

We need to feel the human pulse, grounding ourselves, opening the heart, connecting to nature and expressing our creative souls because life is beautiful, it’s the system that’s ugly. Only if we know who we really are we can tearing it down and building a better one.

“The Human Pulse & the simulation glitch”

From an article by Andrea Mineo



VVK (Online): 15€

AK (doors): 20€

[ Festival Program ]

12:00-13:00 Kdindie

#Conscious Movement #Ecstatic Dance #Community Experience

Kdindie is a performing artist crossing the boundaries of dance, theatre and ancient technologies. Through his creative method “indiemotion” facilitates conscious movement practices to free human potential. Ceremony leader of Ecstatic Dance harmonizes the space-time for an authentic community experience. With my creative method “indiemotion” found the codes to bridge ancient and new technologies, facilitating a transformative process for the body, mind and spirit. Combining free emotions in movement, the common patterns of indigenous dances and the principles of yoga, we find ourselves unique and united.

13:00-13:25 Marco

#Tai chi #Didgeridoo #Kriya Yoga

Marco teaches Tai Chi and Meditation, practice shiatsu, thai massage, reiki and sound therapy (Gong, Tibetan and Crystal Bells, Didgeridoo and Drum). While following his training at the International Taijiquan Kung Fu Association, he is studying for years with an Indian master of Advaita and Kriya Yoga. The idea is to bring the mind into a condition of natural fluidity. The didgeridoo becomes alive when traversed by a continuous flow of breath, hypnotic connection to the earth. Tai Chi Movement dissolves habitual motor patterns and gives us space for a new consciousness of movement, natural and unceasing.

13:30-14:30 Giulia Anna Maria

#Sound Journey #Gong #Chanting

The world is sound. At the root of all power and motion, there is music and rhythm, the play of patterned frequencies against the matrix of time. Giulia’s performance is integrating the sound of the gong with breath, chanting and human interaction. She is your mother, your lover, your sister and she will carry you to the stars.

14:30-15:00 Andrea

#Breathwork #5d meditation #hypnotic Exhibition

Andrea Mineo is an artist, documentarist and communities builder based in Berlin. Founder of Macerie, Dimora OZ, KCAR and Mayer Pavilion. The major focus of Andrea’s work has been social engagement and community creation to counteract collective bias and socio-political limitations. His work often address modern society’s dysfunctions and existential issues by integrating various disciplinary fields such as films, communities projects, exhibition projects and art interventions. By disassembling and scaling large order systems into small and by everyone accessible parts, Andrea’s work shows the power and responsibility that each of us has in social/collective contribution and world change.

15:30-16:30 Henriette

#Cacao Ceremony #chakra meditation #prayer circle

Your heart will be opened like a lotus flower, by the loving support of mama cacao. A cacao ceremony is a deeply healing experience for your whole being. This ceremony integrates a chakra meditation journey, human interaction and a sharing prayer circle. Henriette is a systemic family therapist, who is including shamanic methods in her healing work. She facilitates ceremonies and is hosting singing and prayer circles. She is deeply connected to mama cacao and loves to support people in connecting to the wisdom and to the heart medicine of this female teacher plant.

16:45-17:15 Pietro Bolcato AI Art video projection

#Ai-Art #conceptual #Religion

Sacred Scriptures Hallucinations . The ongoing series “Sacred Scriptures Hallucinations” reflects on the relationship between society, machines and religion — as well as the concept of past, present and future. The Holy Bible, the Sacred Quran and the Venerated Vedas — pivotal books of the three most practiced religions in the world — are given as input to a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence that is able to generate a visual interpretation of them. Specifically, the system uses a combination of two neural networks to translate written sentences to images, therefore generating pictures corresponding to every sentence in the sacred texts — and ultimately using them as frames to create the video. Furthermore, the audio part of the piece is also AI-generated: the composition is based on voices inferred using state-ofthe-art text to speech neural networks, while the background sounds are based on religious chants processed using auto-encoders. The generation process of the two videos took 247 hours. By having an AI visualizing one of the most extended and deeply rooted social phenomena of human history, the series aims to stimulate critical thinking on the current social and political implications of religions around the world. What can AI teach us about being humans?

17:30-18:30 Sounds like Andrej

#DIY Music #uplifting #back to basics

After numerous iterations of the homebrewed musical project, Andej makes a decision to write easy-going, uplifting songs with the “back to basics” style of songwriting. Coupled with a DIY approach, his recordings may include a number of musical instruments, although the aim of any song is always the same: connecting with a listener while using as few elements as possible. Sometimes simplicity is not a coincidence, but a necessarytool of communication.

18:30-18:30 Kazuma Glen Motomura (bodypoet)

#bodypoet #martial arts #contemporary theater

MC, Comedian, Dancer. Half Japanese, half Zimbabwean/South African, raised in 5 different countries, Kazuma brings out of the box perspectives to this round world. Fusing his long trainings in martial arts, hip hop and contemporary dance/theater, his performance made him numerous champions in the Experimental Dance Battle scene in Europe (such as IBE Open Your Mind, Juste Debout London Experimental etc) as well as teenage all Japan karate champion. His autobiographical one man dance comedy show enjoyed a successful run in NYC. In Berlin he is teaching his Bodypoet Method: Dance in Meditation system in the nature, indoors and online for us to better connect with nature and to each other. Stay tuned for zero gravity contact dance classes in the natural lakes as well as dance and stand up comedy shows.

18:30-19:30 Joa Luna

#avant-garde #electronic mantra #sounds of nature

Joa Luna is a soulful avant-garde electronicsoloproject from Berlin. Get effortlessly absorbedby the microcosmos of electronic mantra, guided by subtle yet powerful voice, surrounded by sounds of nature, led by foggy synthesizers and fueled by rhythmic broken beats which enticeyou to get lost in the moment, reconnect with your body and heal through movementTaking the experience gained from years of playing in bands, Joa embarked on a very personaljourney as a female producer, channeling all emotions and energy through her music. The songs are stories of a daydreamer connected with nature, looking for answers in the forest, in the rivers, in the wilderness; inspired by vulnerability, emotions stored in our body, empowering to speak up and share our stories as we are all interconnected.

20:00-21:00 Drumulators

#Drum Circle #Collective jam #heart mountain

A group of percussionists will guide the audience to the heart of the human pulse, leading them towards a collective ecstatic interaction. Their music is malleable like copper, but conducts heat and electricity better.

21:30 Nunofyrbeeswax

#garage rock #post punk #proto-indie

Nunofyrbeeswax write and play a lot of pop songs as raw as their hearts in a minimal set up. Their music escapes easy association, yet their sound has been described as an idiosyncratic blend of garage rock, post punk and proto-indie. Formed in 2016 in Berlin as a duo with a common love for Beat Happening, Minimalism and Rock and Roll, Nunofyrbeeswax began composing and performing nonstop. Since then the band has toured Europe and the United States several times. They have supported bands such as Chain and the Gang, Shopping, Nobunny, Martin Bisi Band, John Davies and The Cicadas, The World, Paws and Cocaine Piss, as well as playing at national and international festivals such as Down By The River in Berlin, Millionaire’s Club (DE), Double Jeu Festival, Marseille (FR), Festival de La Cour Denis (FR).

23:00-00:00 Max Blax

#Performance #atmosphere #Streetdance

Performance “Inhale/Exhale”. Rhythm of our heart sets the rhythm of life, everything starts with the power of will. Will pushes blood, Intuition shows the direction.

Max Blax is a native of the Urals, self-taught interdisciplinary artist, dancer and explorer of stage and atmosphere.

23:00-00:00 Wynd

#Psychedelia #Stoner–Rock #heavy sounds

Wynd is a Chilean-Italian band based in Berlin formed in 2019 influenced by various musical trends from 70’s Psychedelia to 2000’s Stoner–Rock. Our self-titled album represents a new variety of raw and heavy sounds that holds loyal to our live sound, representing our varied roots. Low Life is the first single of the album. Each of our songs is born from a creative group process carried out in our studio, in order to search for new sounds without leaving our personal musical preferences behind. Regarding the lyrics of our songs, these are mostly presented in an interpretative way giving the listener the possibility to find their own reading and interpretation. We have recently recorded our album which was mixed by Christoph “Tiger” Bartelt (Kadavar / Robotor Records), and mastered by Christian Bethge ((MESSER, Gewalt, Mountain Witch, HEIM, Francois DIllinger, GVLLS) during 2021.

Eleni Tongidou

#Site Specific Installation #perception #amorphous timescale

Eleni Tongidou‘s works explore the interplay between fragility, tension and continuity while at the same time react to their particular spatial environment. Often carrying an element of surprise, the practice of the Berlin-based, Cypriot artist seeks to magnify fluidity or fragmentation in time and space and observe how our perception of the three-dimensional world may be manipulated. Tongidou uses readily available material which may refer to the classical materials of sculpture or offer a stark antithesis. UV lights and phosphorescent-orange dyed hair juxtaposing formal elements, white tones and statuesque aesthetic provide the work hybridity and amorphous timescale.

00:00-02:00 Gray Contrast

#Eletronic music #Street artist #Music Protest

“Behind the Street-Music and Sound-Journey brand Gray Contrast Is the 20year old musician Dorian, who aims to immerse the listener and invite him to a collaborative journey of adrenaline and freeing of emotions. He uses various synthesizers and loopers to realize his psychedelic-electronic live-show that he takes to the streets of his city and into sacred places.”

“Behind the Street-Music and Sound-Journey brand Gray Contrast Is the 20year old musician Dorian, who aims to immerse the listener and invite him to a collaborative journey of adrenaline and freeing of emotions. He uses various synthesizers and loopers to realize his psychedelic-electronic live-show that he takes to the streets of his city and into sacred places.”

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