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Finissage & artist talk: Andrey Kezzyn exhibition

by Dana Bondarenko

Free entry/Eintritt frei

So now the date is set for the Finissage of Andrey Kezzyn’s exhibition at PANDA. All of you who looked at his works so attentively, who visited us again and again or who still never had a chance to be amazed by them now can meet the author personally, listen to the stories connected with each single photograph and learn more about the magic behind it. Andrey Kezzyn is not just one of the greatest photography artists of our time but a wonderful story-teller too! Do not miss this chance. Free entry. Drinks are available at the PANDA bar.

Andrey Kezzyn, also known as Kezzyn Waits, has been doing photography for about ten years so far. Last five years have been devoted to staged theatralising photography, in which the models are the actors, who play their parts in the perfomance, the shooting area is the stage, on which the story is told, and the photographer is the director, who only knows which one of the dramatic twists of the plot is worth turning into a picture.

Kezzin’s works resemble of scenes from films which were never made or paitings which would never be produced. Sarcastic, emotional, provocative and vibrant, they address to the viewer and the viewer’s part here is not exclusively to observe as a passive onlooker. The viewer’s part is to get into it, think it over and co-operate with the characters. The viewer’s part is to get keenly involved into the complicated, full of amusing and tragic moments story, the split-second-long fragment of which the photographer has decided to show them.

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