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Chris Dahlgren & Dhalgren: “Got Milk”

Chris Dahlgren & Dhalgren: “Got Milk”

by Yulia

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The album release of the legendary jazz bassist Chris Dahlgren & band

Lockdown’s global impact affected artists, including jazz bassist Chris Dahlgren, who found solace in the pause. Acclaimed in jazz circles, Chris Dahlgren unveils “Got Milk” with his band Dhalgren. The album, a product of Dahlgren’s vast experience as a jazz musician and student of composers like Christian Wolff and La Monte Young, defies categorization. It’s a blend of influences, where Dahlgren’s gentle vocals navigate a musical landscape ranging from slow folk to avant-garde.

Nature’s influence plays a pivotal role, particularly in mountain experiences from Dahlgren’s life journey spanning the Rocky Mountains to the Salzburg Alps. The term “Mountain Music” emerges, encapsulating the album’s essence. Dahlgren collaborates with a versatile ensemble, including guitarist Arne Braun and vibraphonist Evi Filippou, bassist Sidney Werner, and vocalist Almut Kühne, each contributing their jazz expertise. Drummer Alfred Vogel, a multifaceted musician, completes the ensemble. Known for his intensive involvement as a musician, bandleader, label owner, festival organizer, and networker, Vogel adds a dynamic layer to Dhalgren’s sound.

Dahlgren’s lyrics, reflecting on the last two years, convey vulnerability and immense hope. In contrast to the dystopian themes of Dhalgren’s previous album, “Got Milk” stands as a refuge— an undefined territory holding the promise of the first true utopia. In these challenging times, Dhalgren, led by Dahlgren, illuminates the darkness with an optimistic musical journey, inviting listeners into a world where genres merge seamlessly, and the essence of “Mountain Music” flourishes.

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