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by Sergei Gavrylov

PANDA Platforma
Knaackstraße 97 (im kleinen Hof der Kulturbrauerei), 10435 Berlin

Peter van Huffel – baritone sax, effects, compositions

Lina Allemano – trumpet

Antonis Anissegos – piano, electronics

Joe Hertenstein – drums


Immerse yourself in the world of CALLISTO, where innovation meets tradition and sonic landscapes are painted with bold strokes of creativity. Saxophonist Peter Van Huffel’s latest project is a bass-less quartet that skews the line between composition and improvisation. Featuring Peter on baritone saxophone and electronics, Canadian trumpeter Lina Allemano, Greek pianist and electronics artist Antonis Anissegos, and German drummer Joe Herstenstein, CALLISTO offers a unique and profound approach to modern jazz with their debut album, “Meandering Demons.”

Peter’s innovative compositions serve as the backbone for this project, weaving intricate tapestries that combine structured elements with the spontaneity of free improvisation. Some pieces are expansive and suite-like, taking the listener on a journey of musical adventure and surprise, while others offer a slow build which develops gradually through subtle harmonic twists and layering of sound. The absence of bass in this ensemble offers the piano an extended space in which to explore the vast range of the instrument while trumpet and baritone highlight frequencies at opposite ends of the spectrum, giving the four-piece band an almost orchestral presence. With the addition of electronics subtly incorporated into the sound of the piano and blended at select moments with the resonance of the acoustic horns, CALLISTO is a captivating musical experience that transcends genre and resonates with jazz enthusiasts and adventurous listeners alike.

CALLISTO’s inaugural album “Meandering Demons” released in March 2024 on the renowned Portuguese avant-jazz label Clean Feed Records. This carefully selected collection of tracks showcases the quartet’s unquestionable chemistry, pushing the boundaries of the jazz tradition and inviting listeners into a realm of sonic exploration.


Photo: Manuel Miethe





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