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Berlin Balkan Brass with Maroulita de Kol & Tea Mikic

Berlin Balkan Brass with Maroulita de Kol & Tea Mikic

by Dana Bondarenko

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Berlin Balkan Brass with Maroulita de Kol & Tea Mikic: Balkan Gypsy & Greek Experimental Music!

Greek experimental Musicians Maroulita de Kol and Tea Mikic feat. Berlin Balkan Brass Band are meeting again in Panda Kulturplattform, after several shows in Berlin. The bands will be playing a one hour set each and also joining forces on stage for some Balkan Fusion.

Tea Mikic and Berlin Balkan Brass Band are Ex Musicians of Shantel Bucovina Club Orchestra playing a Fusion of Gypsy Balkan Brass Music with traditional Ethnic sound and Modern arrangements.

With their Band they are taking their musical origins from Sevdah Music from Bosnia and the well-known traditional Brass Music from Serbia combining all of it with famous Gypsy Melodies from the Balkan and bringing it to a new Berlin Gypsy Sound.

The songs they play are the real Balkan Soul with full emotion, and as soon as you hear the trumpet, you won’t be able to keep still anymore.

Maroulita de Kol is a Greek pianist, singer and composer living in Berlin. She studied piano performance in the Music and Science Departement of University of Macedonia where she attained her degree. As a performer, she is playing a wide variety of music ranging from original compositions to free improvisation. For the last years she has been composing music for small ensembles, short films, documentaries and theater as well as developing her own material. She is a founding member of the musical ensembles “Reverse Mode” and “Arcangel Trio” which mixes traditional greek music with elements of improvisation and contemporary performance practice. Reverse Mode released their debut Album “Mora” on 2018.

She believes in people, and in the power of art.

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