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Afrodream // Global pop from Senegal and Italy

Afrodream // Global pop from Senegal and Italy

by Yulia

PANDA Platforma
Knaackstraße 97 (im kleinen Hof der Kulturbrauerei), 10435 Berlin

Afrodream is an Afrobeat/pop band that was founded in Turin in 2018 as Abou Samb from Senegal (vocals, percussion), Eddy Gaulein Stef from Martinique (bass), Ariel Verosto from Argentina (piano, flute), Luca Vergano (guitar), Sam Baye (drums) and Simone Arlorio (saxophone) came together.

The sonic ambiance is a blend of African rhythms interwoven with ethereal, enveloping melodies with a more “Western” essence, providing a canvas for Samb’s lyrics to gracefully glide upon, brimming with hope and occasionally touched by a delicate melancholy. This amalgamation is born from musicians with disparate cultural and musical backgrounds, yet who have discovered a harmonious rhythmic and melodic equilibrium amongst themselves. The culmination of these elements manifests in dynamic live performances that evoke a near-cathartic sense of ecstasy.

The band has released 2 EPs: “Afrodream” (2018), “Jam Sa Sounè” (2019) and the debut album “La Teranga” (2020). After numerous performances in Italy, Switzerland and France, Afrodream embarks on a tour in Senegal, where they will be guests at the Retba Festival, which takes place on the shores of Lake Rosa (Dakar). In December 2019, they launched a second crowdfunding campaign via Eppela with the help of Turin-based label Bunya Records to realize the 2020 summer tour. In 2022, they released the single “Adouna” with the label Noox Recordings, in which they experimented for the first time with Latin American rhythms, mixed them with Afrobeat, and presented them live at Cap10100.

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