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by Dana Bondarenko

Dear friends,

Dark times have come – Russia is waging a dishonorable, treacherous war on Ukraine. The Russian army is massively attacking Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa and other cities of the country. Rockets and shells are destroying houses. People are dying. We, citizens of different countries, Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Israel, and others, living in Germany, the staff and the volunteers at the Berlin culture platform PANDA, most strongly condemn the war unleashed by the criminal Kremlin regime. Our solidarity, our hearts, and thoughts are with our friends and relatives and with all those who are risking their lives in Ukraine. There is no justification for the war crimes of Putin and his cabal in this war. The instigators of this war will stand before the court. The regime in Moscow spreads death, lies, terror and destruction. We call on the Kremlin to stop the war immediately! Artists, musicians, writers, poets, cultural influencers, and friends of Panda, we urge you to protest and support Ukraine!

PANDA platforma / 26.02.2022 / Berlin


Donation Reports @ PANDA since March 2022:

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03.2022420,00€Verbandsmaterial, Medikamente (MediosApotheke an der Charité)
03.20223725,00 €Spende Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V.220331_Umsatzdetails_Konto4117615800_EUR_Ukraine-Hilfe-Berlin
04.2022569,40€CAT GEN7 Combat Application Tourniquets (Meier Medizintechnik)meier_rechnung-1
04.20222175,00€Spende Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V.220419_Umsatzdetails_Konto4117615800_EUR__Ukraine-Hilfe-Berlin
04.20222089,32€Save Ukraine: Nahrungsmittel für Lwiw | https://saveukraine.city220420_hilfe-fuer-die-ukraine-Lwiw_07-05-2022-155316
04.20225287,50€Spende Blagodiyny Fond "Volia", Charkiw (Einnahmen aus dem Konzert Sergei Babkin)220425_Umsatzdetails_Konto4117615800_EUR_Volia-Kharkiv
05.2022455,00€Spende Charkiw Territorialverteidigung (Spenden/Einnahmen bei der Veranstaltung Berlin4Kharkiv)_220529_Transaktionsdetails – PayPal - PapaKarlo-Kharkiv-1
05.20221000,00€Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V.: MUSIK RETTET220527_Umsatzdetails_Konto4117615800_EUR_Ukraine-Hilfe-Berlin
05.20222000,00€Sunflower Care Initiative Group helping Ukrainian families with disabled, chronically ill and neurodivergent children |
06.20221000,00€Women Help Women International Foundation: sexual reproductive health medicine for people in Ukraine |