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Yat-Kha – Music and throat singing from the Altai-Sayani Mountains of Tuva (southern Siberia).

PANDA.Worldmusic is a new format that we’re going to launch with an almost spontaneous summer concert of the Tuva Throat Singing Stars Yat-Kha. What is new about it for us? Merriam-Webster defines World Music as follows: popular music originating from or influenced by non-Western musical traditions and often having a danceable rhythm. Now we take care of the proper beat. We’d like to expand our geographical coverage beyond Eastern Europe. As part of this concert series we hope to offer you from time to time something beautiful, new and/or exciting präsentieren. PANDA goes global? PANDA is global!

About Yat-Kha:

Yat-Kha counts to the most successful bands from Siberia, who popularised their homeland Tyva and its music from Central Asia all around the globe with their fusion of traditional music and ‘westernised’ rock influences.

The ultra-low throat singing (Kargyraa) by Albert Kuvezin, the band founder, provides Yat-Kha with their distinctive sound.

Since mid 1990s Kuvezin and the Percussionist Zhenya ‘Rasputin’ Tkachev are touring the world with various international line-ups, taking part in prestigious festivals in Europe, Canada, Japan, China and Russia.

After twelve years the band came back to Germany in 2017, right in time to celebrate their 25th anniversary on stage. It was 1993 in Berlin as Kuvezin met Lu Edmonds (PIL, Mekons, 3M3) at the Berlin Independence Days (later WOMEX), who helped to make the Legend of Yat-Kha as album producer, bass player and also a manager.

After sucessful tour in Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and Russia Yat-Kha returns for some more concert to Europe with the great line-up:

Albert Kuvezin – vocals, Throat Singing, Guitar, Yat-Kha
Evgeny “Zhenya” Tkachov – drums, Percussion
Sholban Mongush – igil, vocals
Theodore Scipio – bass

Doors: 19:30, concert start: 20:00

Tickets: 18€ on-site / 15€ pre-order ( / 15€ conc.

Find us:

Knaackstr. 97, 10435 Berlin
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