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Wyschywanka / Вишиванка: Eröffnung der Kunstinstallation

by Dana Bondarenko

PANDA platforma
Knaackstr. 97

Wyshywanka is an art project in which 19 Ukrainian women who fled to Berlin because of the war participated. Every one of them has brought her own story into the painting of the men’s embroidered shirt. Folk ornaments are the wealth and pride of every nation. In times of struggle for the homeland, it acquires an additional meaning and becomes a symbol of the chosen path.
The project was conceived by Berlin based artists Natalia and Maria Petschatnikov and realised with the support of the Berlin Wall Memorial Foundation. It was first shown in July 2022 in the Parliament of Trees.
The exhibition in PANDA Platforma is a new version of the installation. PANDA plays a special role for people who have come to Berlin from Ukraine and we do hope that this exhibition will become an important cultural event for both Ukrainian and Berlin audiences.

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