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Wu Zhi. Two Martians

by Dana Bondarenko
18/11/21 - 12/12/21

PANDA platforma
Knaackstr. 97

Wu Zhi. Two Martians // Exhibition opening: 18.11., 18:00

There are two programme portraits in the exhibition. They were created at different times, but turned out to be paired. Wu Zhi has brought together two personal stories that exist somewhere outside, maybe, she thought, on Mars, but unlikely. The heroes are here, close by. This exhibition is about the feminine and the masculine, the nature of their interaction. The artist makes no secret that what is important to the characters is struggle or even war.

With whom are the heroes fighting? With each other? Is this war over or is it still expected? How to prepare for this battle? Or maybe there is no fight, there is only an illusion that it is going on somewhere, but one must always be on the alert? How to know the winner of this fight is a separate question. The answer to this may be found in the General’s trinkets, which decorate his ceremonial portrait with bombs. Amongst those orders and medals the General suddenly discovers comical objects, on seeing which the spectator clutches his head and realises how cleverly he has been played around.

The woman’s portrait is also humorously paradoxical. It combines the power of the old masters with the fantastic tools of battle that are sure to help, should the occasion arise.

Wu Zhi’s exhibition is a symbiosis of classical painting technique and contemporary expression, neo-realism and contemporary art. Two works suffice to appreciate the mastery with which the artist narrates the problematic of “male-female”, while not forgetting to specify that this confrontation is sometimes imaginary and requires a flight to Mars, for example, to solve it.

Wu Zhi’s ‘Two Martians’ exhibition opens on 18 November at the Panda space and runs until 12 December 2021.

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