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Tea Mikic & Brothers

by Dana Bondarenko

With the love for music and her roots Tea Mikic takes us on a journey through the most beautiful, self-selected melodies of different genres from all regions of the former Yugoslavia. The musical pieces are interpreted in her own way as a mix authentic and modern sound.

Tickets at the entrance: 10€ // 8€ with discount

Tea Mikic was 18 years old, when she sang Shantel a song from her home country – Bosnia. He liked her singing and took her on a world tour. For eight years, Tea Mikic traveled the world and brought the music from her homeland to the stages around the world. In between she moves to Berlin and performs with other artists ( i.e. “Baba Zula” and Brenna MacCrimmon). Then follow CD recordings with Shantel and further collaborations with various artists from Berlin.

The 29-year-old singer and keyboard player fled from Bosnia-Herzegovina to the Austrian town of Voralberg at the age of three, where she studied piano at the conservatory. She inherited her talent from father, who was a multi-instrumentalist and music professor. Since her father died earlier this year, Tea Mikic has taken a break from major tours: “My dad was a great artist and musician, who taught me most of what I can do today. This loss makes it difficult for me to listen to the music. But in gratitude and honor to him, I want to make sure, that his talent lives further through me and my brothers.” Tea Mikic now plans to go back to her roots. She wants to set her own foot in the music world and starts small and intimately.

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