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NÜRNBERGER PROZESS: Politisches Karaoke. Ein Dokumentarprojekt für alle

by Dana Bondarenko

P.A.N.D.A Theater
Knaackstr. 97

The Nuremberg Trials. Political Karaoke
A documentary project in which everybody can participate.

Authors: Lina Khesina, Wanja Kilber, Mikhail Kaluzhsky, Vika Biran, Sveta Ben, Karen Shainjan

At first, there was a lie.
Lies led to war and millions of victims.
When the war ended, the perpetrators were brought to justice. The evidence against them was overwhelming and irrefutable.
But they continued to lie.
They were scared.
They were afraid to admit their guilt.

“I had no way of knowing what was really going on,” they said.

“If I had been told that 2 or 3 million people would be killed, then I would not have believed it.”

“I don’t know the names of the generals or admirals who would have called for war.”

“I don’t think those who received orders from the Führer, who committed murders or gave orders for murders, came to this because of my publications”

“In November of the same year orders were given to set synagogues on fire, which is not my fault.”

“I am grateful that I have the opportunity to state something before the International Military Tribunal that I have kept quiet until now because of orders from the Führer.”

“There have been denunciations of me to Himmler. It was claimed that I had been too humane towards French prisoners.”

“We believed that a government based on the Führer-principle could only exist in the confidence of the people. If that trust is lost, the only way left is to rule by means of bayonets, and the Führer always believed that it was impossible to remain in power for long without the support of the people.”

What Ribbentrop, Rosenberg, Göring, Streicher and other Nazi criminals said in their justification before the court, you will hear and can read yourself on May 23rd at PANDA.


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