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Nikolay Yakimov (St. Petersburg / Prague)

by Dana Bondarenko

Nikolay Yakimov with the program “NEW NOY”.

  • NIKOLAY YAKIMOV – composer, arranger, sound producer, musician, studio and rarely concert author of songs (on his lyrics and poems of classical and modern poets – Joseph Brodsky, Nikolai Gumilev, Osip Mandelshtam, Vladimir Nabokov, Olga Sedakova, Julian Tuvema, and the Yykan Tuvimya, the Family, the Sedakova, Olipa, Olga Sedakova, Yuliana Tuvimya, the Family, the Sedakova, Y. Yarzhombek, Sergey Plotov, Sergey Shestakov, Yuri Smirnov, George Gunitsky and many others).
  • The participant of the creative union “AZIA”, the artistic director of the project “AZIA Plus” and the project “A +” at the festivals of the art song “Platform” and “Benefit”. The author of the term “modern chamber song.”
  • Artistic director of multi-format festivals “Luf Parade” (Moscow), III International Valaam Festival of Orthodox Singing (Valaam Island, 2017).
    The musical director of the International workshop of the theater of synthesis and animation “INTERSTUDIO” (St. Petersburg, 1993-2000), the studio “Show Consulting” (St. Petersburg), puppet theaters in Chelyabinsk and St. Petersburg (1985-1995), etc.
  • The author of music and music and sound design of about 100 performances and theatrical shows in Russia and Europe. Four of his performances were nominated for the highest theatrical award of Russia “Golden Mask”, several performances received the main prizes for musical arrangement at festivals in Russia and Europe.

“Nikolai Yakimov, great and terrible, is here in person. When I saw him for the first time, it seemed to me: wow, he is a druid. As it turned out, he doesn’t only look like druid, but he also treats his guitar like one;  he is a real shaman. He is a complicated man (not in the sense of deceit – in the sense of filling creativity), and at the same time – worthy; ignoring him would be a colossal mistake. ”/ Anatoly“ George ”Gunitsky

Music and songs on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nikolay-yakimov

Tickets: 12€ on-site / 10€ pre-order (info@panda-theater.de) or concession.

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Knaackstr. 97, 10435 Berlin
+49 (0)30 44319557 | info@panda-platforma.berlin

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