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Maria Volokhova (UA): Tchertovщina // Exhibition opening and artist talk

by Dana Bondarenko

PANDA platforma
Knaackstr. 97

Maria Volokhova (UA): Tchertovщina *
* devilry

6.11 – 6.12.2022 @ PANDA platforma

Maria Volokhova’s installation for the PANDA platforma launches a new line of exhibition experiments in this unusual multifunctional space.

Artists of various backgrounds will use the space to recreate the atmosphere of their studios, showing rather the process of creation than finished projects.

Kyiv-born and internationally renowned artist Maria Volokhova explores the inner world of humans and animals, taking the term “inner world” quite literally: she casts animal parts, fish heads, chicken legs and internal organs in a unique and sophisticated porcelain technique, morphing all these phantasmagorias into everyday objects such as teapots, bowls and vases. The artist’s surrealist world is reminiscent of Gogol’s stories, in which the recognizable and the absurd, the everyday and the strange are interwoven. Tchertovщina* – a difficult word for foreign speakers – refers to the bewilderment and entanglement in the sense of Nikolai Gogol and Hieronymus Bosch and, as always, invites the viewers to draw their own conclusions….

Opening of the exhibition and artist’s talk: 6.11 at 18:30

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