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LIVE: ιδαίον-Project | Idaion-Project

by Dana Bondarenko

PANDA Platforma
Knaackstraße 97 (im kleinen Hof der Kulturbrauerei), 10435 Berlin

ιδαίον – Project

During torn periods, human kind always sought shelter in myth, in this archetypical approach of the world which may not explain everything but makes people feel more resilient. When logic collapses, then, the myth undertakes the leadership. And the mythology of sounds, music, stands by as a committed supporter.

Vaggelis Gettos (luth, vocals), Greek living in Cyprus, tracks the traces of mythology in modern times by following the steps of modern mythological figures. The villagers of Kandanos, Crete, which was destroyed by Nazis, Magda Fyssa, the mother of the activist rapper Pavlos Fyssas who was murdered by Golden Dawn in Athens in 2013, the 57 Cypriot volunteers who responded to the call for aid by the Democrats during the Spanish Civil War, are some among the characters dominating Vaggelis’ original compositions. They would all wish to have Prometheus, the pro-humans semi-god, by them: his symbolic gesture of giving the fire to the human kind is -again- more urgent than ever.

Jacob Przemus (drums, percussion), a German musician with rich experience in Mediterranean sound chromes, among other, provides this contemporary mythology with a dynamic rhythmic soundscape. While breaking style borders, Jacob offers his atmospheric universe and meets the archaic sound of Cretan luth in a exquisitely dialectic way.

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