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Franz Rodwalt / Франц Родвальт: Решение, Разрешение, Разрушение

by Dana Bondarenko
14/12/21 - 15/01/22

PANDA platforma
Knaackstr. 97

In Lösung, Auflösung, Selbstauflösung, Berlin’s leading sculptor Franz Rodwalt presents a number of paintings that share a common message.

This can be summed up as the artist’s continual search for form. This is how Franz’s striving for artistic purity and clarity is realised. The form is a key construct for the sculptor. It is a process that is always present in the artist’s work and is realised for the sculptor in three or, as on the canvas, in two dimensions.

The artist loops himself in this non-stop movement. Forms are created and destroyed, they do not repeat themselves. This is the goal.

Franz Rodwalt gave the exhibition the title Solution, Resolution, Destruction. It means the hard-won figurative structure, the adjusted and completed form is subject to destruction. Each new phase of creation starts anew with a blank page, each new day is lived as the first and only one.

The round canvas of the exhibition, which is the title work, contains several characters that can be recognised. In the centre here is a creature whose head with deformed facial features resembles an assembled corrugation. Next to it is a small dog on a leash. On the right is a picture of a neck with a collar-sensor measuring the pulse, and on the left is a tongue with terminals attached to its receptors. Above all this is a loudspeaker, a speaker through which the broadcasted sounds become clearer and louder.

All these characters closely follow the life, reacting to it, their sensitivity is important. Sensors are bare and instantly send signals of changes in reality.

The hardly task of searching for a new language, form or subject proves to be tense and nerve-racking, demanding total involvement and expressing the complicity.

Franz Rodwalt’s exhibition is open from 14 December 2021 to 3 February 2022 and runs during the opening hours of the Panda Platform.

Curator – Dr. Nikolai Ivanov

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