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CANCELLED: EΛEKPHT (ELECRETE) Project – Nicosia, Cyprus

by Dana Bondarenko

EΛEKPHT (ELECRETE) Project – Nicosia, Cyprus

History as a starting point. Tradition as breaking point. And poetry meeting Crete. ELECRETE Project (EKEKPHT Project), an international quartet based in Nicosia, Cyprus, are walking on the stretched rope of Cretan music, balancing between the soil−like soundscape of Cretan luth, acoustic guitar and drums and the night sky of an electronic atmosphere. The sound, in combination with the continuous and live video art becomes a space, a scenography of memory, creating a Mediterranean bridge between local folk cultures.

ELECRETE Project bring in their luggage their unique original composition which have their roots deeply in tradition but dare to go beyond and explore a progressive style. In parallel, they experiment with traditional rhythms and melodies while they invest in them poetry, on−stage acting and storytelling. Particularly inspired by the Greek literature and mythology, ELECRETE Project create a mind path which connects the holocaust of Kandanos village in Crete which was destroyed by the Nazis with the Cypriot volunteers in the Spanish Civil War and the contemporary exploitation of migrants with the revenge of Klytaimestra against Agamemnon, taken from the Greek Ancient Tragedy.

ELECRETE Project are:

● Vaggelis Gettos (GR) − Cretan luth, vocals

● Evagoras Bekiaris (CY) − acoustic guitar, electronic effects

● Jacob Przemus (D) − drums, percussion

● Marina Katsari (CY) − acting, reciting


Online (VVK): 10€

Doors (Abendkasse): 15€

Find us:

Knaackstr. 97, 10435 Berlin
+49 (0)30 44319557 | info@panda-theater.de

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