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Centenary of Galich: evening of texts and songs

by Dana Bondarenko

Exactly one hundred years ago, on October 19, 1918, Alexander Arkadyevich Ginzburg was born in Yekaterinoslav (Dnepr (opetrovsk) e) – known to us as Galich. What other reason do we need to remember, talk and sing about him, about Galich?

Galich: poet, screenwriter, playwright, performer of his songs. Known and unknown, typical and atypical, ingenious and … ingenious.

December 1, 2018 in P.A.N.D. A we are holding a memorial evening for Alexander Galich. This Berlin has not yet seen!

In the evening will perform Dr. Bajan and Svetlana Silina, Petr Goriev, Viktor Hoffmann, Grigorii Arosev, Grigory Kofman, Vassili Voronov, Yuri Veksler and others (the list will be updated!)

In a programme:
– Presentation of the musical and song project “Our Galichi”,
– Theatrical and poetic part,
– A short excursion into the biography of Alexander Galich.
In addition, performances will alternate with videos of Alexander Galich.

Follow the announcements!

Entrance: 5 euros

Find us:

Knaackstr. 97, 10435 Berlin
+49 (0)30 44319557 | info@panda-platforma.berlin

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